Physical Security and Devices

Using Automation technology improves the completion of repetitive tasks, eliminates errors, and achieves consistency – all elements of process optimization and reducing costs. Automation is modeled after a known process and then constructed with a combination of hardware devices and software. Enabling devices with desired features requires software engineering for small physical enclosures. There are always restrictions in processor capacity, power consumption, memory, and space. Embedded software is the enabler of devices in the automation schema. Software creators must account for all known limitations to produce a functional-to-specification end-point. 

Softlab360 has a formal technical discipline for embedded software engineering. Our range of delivered embedded software implementations covers biometric security devices, system-on-chip with analytics, communications transport, and device drivers. 

Today, we offer solutions consisting of devices, device enablers through embedded software, software for interconnected devices, and end-user business applications. Contact us for a discussion on design and implementation options for your idea, from schematic to software. 

Softlab360 understands artificial intelligence.

We capitalized on this knowledge to create solutions for companies like: 



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Clear is a biometric security start up that has grown from an alternative to TSA Pre security clearance to being one of the leading providers of complete personal identity management.  To keep pace with their roadmap functionality, Clear was looking for a partner to extend their accessibility to include a new mobile ID card capability for the Clear Security Screening Service.  

Softlab360 was engaged by Clear to design and build a series of downloadable applications that allowed Clear clients to create and download Virtual ID cards for their IOS, Android, Windows and Google devices.  It worked seamlessly with the iOS Passbook and Google Wallet functionality and allowed their clients to use the apps at their kiosks. 


EyeLock Inc. is a technology product company in competitive Biometric Security industry. Today, the company offers multiple iris-based identity authentication and management products in physical security and mobile device security. EyeLock has registered several patents. 

In its early days, the company established ground-breaking principles and algorithms for capturing an image of a person’s iris as a form of identity. Consequently, the company started development of a prototype in hardware and software to bring these designs to fruition with a small IT outsourcing firm. Throughout the prototype development period, EyeLock recognized the need for a more expanded product development life cycle to commercialize its technology to enterprise level customers. As a late-stage startup, it required a partner in the software engineering space with focus and experience in technology product development. Softlab360 was engaged to provide assistance in organizing software development life cycle, expand, and in some instances replace, engineering teams to conduct ongoing product development and support, and launch multiple EyeLock products on the enterprise scale. 

Softlab360 has been working with EyeLock since 2014, initially, taking on a very aggressive one year program to bring products to a launch quality and to actual launch. Our initiative led to a new software product development with a two-year product roadmap, followed by integrations with products of vendors in the physical security space – Lenel, Tyco Security, Stanley Security, Genetec – delivering integrated solutions for physical security vendors that now include iris-based identity management. All participating devices operate in Windows and Linux environment, and interoperate with Access Control Systems of partnering companies. 

EyeLock-Softlab360 relationship continues today, now in its 9th year. 


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