Softlab360 develops custom systems for our clients, solving their unique challenges and empowering them to achieve their goals with precision and efficiency. We leverage our expertise and over 20 years of experience in traditional Financial Services and in current FinTech development to assist the new and legacy FinTech companies in aligning their product innovations with consumers, businesses, and financial institutions. 

Client satisfaction is at the core of your business. Our software solutions enable you to provide a personalized and seamless client experience. From intuitive client portals to customized reporting, we empower you to deliver superior service, strengthen client relationships, and exceed their expectations. Elevate your clients' journey and stand out in a crowded market. 

We understand that you rely on various software systems to manage different aspects of your operations. Our software solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, eliminating data silos and facilitating efficient collaboration across your organization. Experience a unified platform that brings together all the tools you need to thrive. 


Softlab360 possess business and organizational knowledge of the financial services industry.


We capitalized on this knowledge to create solutions for companies like: 



Advisor360 (A360) is a Wealth Management FinTech spinoff of Commonwealth Financial Network, one of the nation’s leading Wealth Advisory firms. Softlab360 was instrumental in building technology for CFN’s internal operations, and portfolio reporting system. CFN won many industry awards for their systems and has experienced incredible growth since they implemented the platform. In late 2017, they decided to transform their technology platform into a commercial enterprise, Advisor360. A360 has already won multiple contracts with major financial institutions. 

A360 needed to take a sophisticated system that was built for internal usage and turn it into a commercial multi-tenant product while still servicing CFN as a client. 

A360 turned to Softlab360 to expand their presence and scale up their service model.  A360 chose Softlab360 because of discipline and quality of our engineering teams, and deep knowledge of the Wealth Management and Registered Investment Advisor business.  

A360 has been our client since 2006.


Albridge Solutions is a SaaS based FinTech Product Company servicing the Portfolio Attribution & Reporting space. They are the leading service provider in the market, servicing clients like Citigroup & Charles Schwab.  

Following its acquisition by Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company, Albridge engaged Softlab360 to work on integration of BNY Mellon and Pershing systems and Portfolio Accounts into Albridge Product Suite. Softlab360 structured this engagement as a productized service, providing an end-to-end solution from review of Assets under Management across Holdings, to evaluation of Securities Types, to data transformation to Albridge data storage, to full validation of Portfolio Holdings and Reporting from the Albridge system. Particular focus was placed on validation of data arriving from various Custodial Feeds. Softlab360 utilized its own predictive modeling techniques and tools to automatically flag and correct erroneous data. 

Softlab360's Software Engineering team worked closely with Chief Product Owner and Director of Software Engineering to deliver the project. 


BlueSnap is an electronic payments technology company providing payments services globally in multiple currencies. The company received a large Private Equity investment several years ago to expand its market share through broader base of operations and enhancements in its technology platform, positioning the company for easier integrations with partners in the eCommerce, ePayments and online lending. BlueSnap Technology Group was evaluating software engineering companies with experience in advanced architecture with cross-domain system design, development and integrations to stabilize and expand their own engineering teams, and accelerate completion of their roadmap. Softlab360 was uniquely qualified and engaged to align with these plans. 

Softlab360 has been successfully supporting BlueSnap and their growth since 2015. Today, we are in partnership with BlueSnap as their first authorized integration and implementation partner for eCommerce vendors, Payments Processing Gateways, and custom proprietary integrations. We capitalize on our capabilities to capture business concepts in the form of a software architecture, understanding the end-user, and implementation of software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). BlueSnap continues to apply our services, now in its 7th year. 

Read the full BlueSnap case study here.  


Genesis Computer Consultants, Inc. is the premier provider of proprietary software for analysis and reporting on commercial and residential properties – including assessments, exemptions, abatements, income & expense data, sales history, physical modifications, etc. – in the New York metropolitan area. The company has been servicing its markets since 1984. Regular end-users include global real estate brokers and management companies, real estate tax attorneys, banks, appraisers, and government entities. 

Softlab360 was engaged to modernize the products, to redevelop key areas and release the new versions in Cloud environment. Softlab360 has applied its technique of Reverse Engineering to create a Blueprint of the original state of the system. It enabled our engineering team to analyze key data dependencies, workflows, and calculation models to offer new architecture and new system structure preserving all functional features. 

Softlab360 has been involved in this initiative since 2016, and continues to services Genesis SaaS platform, which offers these benefits: 

  • Property Descriptions with Assessments, Physical Changes, Exemptions 
  • Tax Information with detailed breakdown of data  
  • Tax Grievance and Petition Histories (Article 7, Writs)
  • Village Tax Rates and Equalization Ratios
  • Tax Refund Calculator
  • Transitional Assessment Calculator
  • Sales Comparison
  • Three-Year Assessment Change Report 


FalconX is a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech company focused on cryptocurrency brokerage and digital asset trading platforms.

FalconX wanted to build an institutional-grade portfolio management system (PMS) for crypto assets that would be able to support all of the services required for their growing user base including account opening, multiple asset classes, intraday trading, and performance reporting. But they did not have the necessary expertise or industry knowledge in-house.

The company turned to Softlab360 to help them develop an end-to-end platform that met their detailed requirements. Softlab360 managed the complete design and deployment and provided full implementation onto the FalconX AWS cloud.

Softlab360 also provided FalconX with the design and development of a portfolio management system for crypto assets with custom-built API.

In addition to participating in a number of system improvements on the AWS cloud, and providing full implementation support, Softlab360 provided FalconX with the design and development of a portfolio management system for crypto assets with custom-built API.

Softlab360 also provided crypto assets pricing service that updates prices of all cryptocurrencies in a securities product master, followed by valuation of the crypto asset positions held in clients’ accounts at FalconX. All portfolios are assessed for daily gain/loss, with financial reporting available throughout the current day, and with historical dimensions. On a daily basis, our implementation handles data feeds from exchanges, trading systems and custodians to post trade transactions, borrow transactions, and loan repayments to maintain accurate books and records inventory of account holdings. Post transaction posting, processes of reconciliation of position holdings and accounts takes place.


InterGen Data logo

InterGen Data, an AI/ML-based life event prediction and analytic company, has been a Softlab360 (formerly Starpoint Solutions) customer since 2014 when they were just a startup. Their platform calculates probabilities of upcoming life events, projecting income vs. expense utilization around the time period of each life event per demographics by Zip and Zip+4 criteria.

Softlab360 provides the technology InterGen Data uses to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence applying the data they subscribe to. Softlab360 technology includes all the machine learning tools and services, data science methods for classification and/or clusterization of data subject to learning, and algorithms to appropriately select data points in each of the sources they acquire.

With the tools Softlab360 provides, customers of InterGen Data can assist RIA firms in helping their clients to anticipate and predict maintenance costs for the next several life events.

InterGen Data substantially improved their presence in the market with the assistance of Softlab360 when they added predictions based on critical illnesses, especially hereditary diseases.


Katapult offers a simple, straight-forward lease-to-own payment option to help consumers acquire durable goods from top retailers. These include electronics, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, and more.  Katapult’s unique ‘lease-to-own’ platform integrates with major e-commerce platforms to power online or in-store shopping. ‘Lease-to-own’ model enables consumer to make recurring payments for the use of the products one purchased. It carries no long-term obligation to continue leasing – product can be returned to Katapult at any time with no further obligation, other than for amounts past due. Alternatively, product leasing can continue or ownership can be obtained. 

Katapult engaged Softlab360 in 2018 to review capabilities of its software platform against the current capacity, and established levels of system responsiveness to provide recommendations for improvements, increased stability and expansion. Softlab360 carried out its evaluation with focus on maturity of the platform and best-sized and best-fit infrastructure for the platform in the Cloud. Our proposed plans covered technology modernization, new methods of measuring key elements of the operations and operations dashboard with actionable tasks to manage daily activities. Since that time, Softlab360 has been executing that plan, specifically for ePayments segment, at AWS Cloud.  Our substantial experience with Payment Gateways and their integration, as well as, our system capacity models and measurement tools became key contributors in achieving Katapult goals in 2019, particularly in the large volume of new customer payments processing transactions during Black Friday Cyber Monday, and Holidays Season. Katapult doubled its volume 2018 to 2019. Softlab360 continues its partnership with Katapult into the 2023 season. 


SEI is a global leader in the investment services industry that has a 50 year history of technology innovation. They provide unique, highly focused solutions, designed to help professional wealth managers improve their business success; institutional investors make better financial decisions and private clients achieve their life and wealth goals. Softlab360 was engaged by SEI to design and develop a creative new way to process their Tax Lot calculations. Driven by strong growth in their US domestic market, SEI needed to develop a more efficient method of processing the daily raised cash/invest cash transactions to adhere to the complicated US tax lot calculation rules. Softlab360 successfully designed, developed and piloted a predictive analytics based preprocessor that exceeded all of SEI’s client processing requirements. Shortly thereafter, Softlab360 was engaged to build the production version and to work with the SEI product team to integrate it into the mainstream systems. 

SIFMA logo

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) is a US industry trade group representing securities firms, banks, and asset management companies. SIFMA has been a customer of Softlab360 (formerly Starpoint Solutions) since 1998.

Softlab360 built the software and a user-friendly web portal that maintains, improves, and expands the SIFMA initiative “The Stock Market Game,” a teaching tool connecting students to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning. The system provides means of analysis, trade basket management, and trading. SIFMA partners with Broadridge for trade execution.


Spring EQ is a FinTech Mortgage provider that unlocks the goals of homeowners by providing visibility and access to their home's equity. Unlike banks and other lenders, Spring EQ’s platform simplifies access to the value of their home, and through the use of technology, dramatically reduce the time and cost to tap into that value. We are working to fundamentally change the way you access the equity of your home, ultimately making it easier and more cost effective. 
Softlab360 on-boarded a team of 3 Senior AWS Software Engineers to work with the Spring EQ product development team to enhance the technical bench and allow them more rapidly deliver against their product roadmap. The Softlab360 team successfully completed a series of complex integrations with various supplies to Spring EQ, including 3rd Party credit engines, title providers, appraisal companies and others. Softlab360 is working with Spring EQ to enter into a partnership for both long term product development and to become their go-to integration partner. 

tdameritrade logo

TD Ameritrade (TDA), currently the Charles Schwab company, is a Broker/Dealer that offers an electronic trading platform for trading financial assets, including stocks, futures, funds, investments, and more. Softlab360’s experience in building these systems in a proprietary manner was called upon to evaluate a new software TD was purchasing for the back office, trade management, and execution

Softlab360 provided AI/ML platform to enable TDA to apply various methods of machine learning to evaluate large collections of trade data stored at TDA over seven years of trade executions. TDA asked Softlab360 to extract some meaning from the underlying trades to rank relevance to TDA trade and research products. Using Softlab360’s data science to anonymize and randomize the data while maintaining the volume, scope, and depth of the data, our results identified patterns in customer behavior that led to isolating customer loss (customer churn problem) and projecting the benefits of new financial product to be offered in trading.