Our Client

Softlab360 is formerly Starpoint Solutions


Thryv, Inc., formerly  DexYP, and prior to that,  Dex Media, Inc., has been in business for more than 125 years, always with one goal in mind — helping small businesses compete and win. The company, Dex Media, following its merger with Yellow Pages, became DexYP, and, later, rebranded into Thryv, Inc. Thryv provides the technology, software and integrated tools small business owners need to better manage their time, communicate with clients and get paid, so that can take control of their business and be more successful.

In the period of a few years during the company mergers, the internal technology group was working on streamlining its operational processes and technology supporting them, to accommodate growing client base and maintain proper system performance. Softlab360 was approached to review growth criteria and provide detailed analysis of the system current capacity to support growth. Softlab360 applied its Reverse Engineering discipline to examine and evaluate Thryv’s enterprise architecture encompassing large Salesforce Org and external products, interoperability of integrated systems, and overall performance of the platform. Significantly, this analysis was to derive performance within Salesforce applications driving Product Purchasing, Sales and Customer Service. Our conclusions represented a Blueprint of the current platform with performance measurements in key metrics categories and a recommendation for improvements.

Softlab360 led the process of client data migration in Salesforce Org merge of Dex Media and Yellow Pages (YP) individual Salesforce Orgs. This effort largely relied on our experience of creating business conceptual model, now of the merged company DexYP, and qualifying metadata in Salesforce Org of each company prior to the merger in order to create a final metadata structure to support the new company. Further review of data dependencies and size of data yielded a recommendation for the DexYP Salesforce Org data pack sizes and orchestration of data migration processes. In the final stages, once the new DexYP Salesforce Org was populated, we realigned, and when it was appropriate redesigned APIs to external systems.

Softlab360 customized DexYP Salesforce Service Cloud for its Customer Service Center from Classic to Lightning User Interface, as well as aligned and configured Genesis VoIP solutions for the use with Service Cloud in Lightning mode. For integration of Genesis, Softlab360 brought forward our long and broad experience in Call and Contact Center solutions, designing Service Center Agent workflows for Inbound and Outbound Campaigns, and establishing corresponding Call Management workflows at the phone switch, or phone call dispatcher level. In this instance, all configurations were made inside Salesforce.