Our Client

Softlab360 is formerly Starpoint Solutions


Spring EQ is a FinTech Mortgage provider that unlocks the goals of homeowners by providing visibility and access to their home's equity. Unlike banks and other lenders, Spring EQ’s platform simplifies access to the value of their home, and through the use of technology, dramatically reduce the time and cost to tap into that value. We are working to fundamentally change the way you access the equity of your home, ultimately making it easier and more cost effective.

Softlab360 on-boarded a team of 3 Senior AWS Software Engineers to work with the Spring EQ product development team to enhance the technical bench and allow them more rapidly deliver against their product roadmap. The Softlab360 team successfully completed a series of complex integrations with various supplies to Spring EQ, including 3rd Party credit engines, title providers, appraisal companies and others. Softlab360 is working with Spring EQ to enter into a partnership for both long term product development and to become their go-to integration partner.