Technology Refresh/Modernization

Often key FinTech applications are built on years old foundations which are now significantly outdated. There is great risk and effort in re-developing them from scratch, but there is also risk in maintaining them as-is. Efforts to update them “in place” have been likened to rewiring a house without shutting off the electricity or fixing a flat while the car is still moving.


Startups often have a clear competitive advantage because they have no legacy tech-debt. Softlab360 can help you to modernize your software by using modern technologies and development methods, aligned to your processes. We can assist you in deciding where to focus your modernization efforts.


Benefits of a Tech Refresh include:

  • Prevent technological obsolescence
  • Offer innovative technical additions to your product
  • Improve and streamline business-critical processes
  • Benefit from new time and money-saving technology features
  • Improve code maintainability
  • Minimize support costs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Keep pace with trends and innovations
  • Increase scalability and compliance