Our Client

Softlab360 is formerly Starpoint Solutions


SEI is a global leader in the investment services industry that has a 50 year history of technology innovation. They provide unique, highly focused solutions, designed to help professional wealth managers improve their business success; institutional investors make better financial decisions and private clients achieve their life and wealth goals. Softlab360 was engaged by SEI to design and develop a creative new way to process their Tax Lot calculations. Driven by strong growth in their US domestic market, SEI needed to develop a more efficient method of processing the daily raised cash/invest cash transactions to adhere to the complicated US tax lot calculation rules. Softlab360 successfully designed, developed and piloted a predictive analytics based preprocessor that exceeded all of SEI’s client processing requirements. Shortly thereafter, Softlab360 was engaged to build the production version and to work with the SEI product team to integrate it into the mainstream systems.