Our Client

Softlab360 is formerly Starpoint Solutions


Katapult offers a simple, straight-forward lease-to-own payment option to help consumers acquire durable goods from top retailers. These include electronics, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, and more.  Katapult’s unique ‘lease-to-own’ platform integrates with major e-commerce platforms to power online or in-store shopping. ‘Lease-to-own’ model enables consumer to make recurring payments for the use of the products one purchased. It carries no long-term obligation to continue leasing – product can be returned to Katapult at any time with no further obligation, other than for amounts past due. Alternatively, product leasing can continue or ownership can be obtained.

Katapult engaged Softlab360 in 2018 to review capabilities of its software platform against the current capacity, and established levels of system responsiveness to provide recommendations for improvements, increased stability and expansion. Softlab360 carried out its evaluation with focus on maturity of the platform and best-sized and best-fit infrastructure for the platform in the Cloud. Our proposed plans covered technology modernization, new methods of measuring key elements of the operations and operations dashboard with actionable tasks to manage daily activities. Since that time, Softlab360 has been executing that plan, specifically for ePayments segment, at AWS Cloud.  Our substantial experience with Payment Gateways and their integration, as well as, our system capacity models and measurement tools became key contributors in achieving Katapult goals in 2019, particularly in the large volume of new customer payments processing transactions during Black Friday Cyber Monday, and Holidays Season. Katapult doubled its volume 2018 to 2019. Softlab360 continues its partnership with Katapult into the 2023 season.