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Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept enables rapid testing of product hypotheses, ensuring the product and development teams have a shared vision for success and validating that the concepts and theories applied to a project will result in a successful final product.

Softlab360 PoC teams include experts across a wide range of disciplines including technology, design, domain and product to minimize risks and test theories quickly. Depending upon the Engagement, PoC Deliverables and Benefits can include:


Go-to-Market Strategy

Lead with market-driven understanding of business impact areas, including market demand, target audience and critical pain points.

  • Portfolio analysis and market trends
  • Product market fit
  • Business and value proposition
  • Service design

Problem Analysis to Solution Architecture

Highlight ideas, risks, and opportunities with domain specific business processes (business process optimization)

  • Identify risks, problems and opportunities
  • Leverage industry and market trends
  • Focus on the most common uses cases
Opened book and hand drawing building sketches

Technical Architecture

Identify the right technology roadmap with legacy upgrades and replacement, localization, cross-product integrations, and security considerations.

  • Scalable technology roadmap
  • Extensible Enterprise System design
  • Cloud Migration
  • Localization, Accessibility, Security and Cloud Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery considerations
  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Implementation planning


Create intuitive and delightful user experiences driven by design thinking led approaches

  • Validate user personas and map their needs and pain points
  • User interviews and Ethnography
  • User journey mapping
  • Design system
  • User feedback
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Indicative Deliverables

  • Roadmap and Project Alignment to Goals and Deliverables
  • As-is and To-be Business Workflows
  • Interactive Vision Mockups
  • Minimum Usable Product (MUP)/Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Technology Solution Alternatives
  • Future Facing Solution Architecture
  • Implementation Blueprint
  • Project Estimation