Salesforce - Empower Your Customer

Salesforce is the fastest growing cloud platform in the market today. While it originated in the CRM space, Salesforce has now become an enterprise wide system for managing all aspects of client business including client data capture, marketing campaigns, customer service and analytics. Salesforce platform supports custom solutions engineering and integrations with external systems. This creates opportunity to redevelop custom solutions into Salesforce platform with direct access to products inventory, purchasing, sales, customers and customer service. 

The challenges many companies face are in the appropriate usage of Salesforce core platform and extended Clouds – Healthcare, Financial, FSL, etc. It takes a 360 degree view of  a customer and customer business to properly position Salesforce implementation, achieving a balance between using what is available, the “declarative” method and custom development. Softlab360, a Certified Salesforce Partner, applies its strong experience in enterprise systems, customized solutions and integrations to evaluate each customer case against Pros and Cons of each implementation method, offering the best option. In the same manner, we assist long time Salesforce customers with reviewing previously constructed applications, realigning them with today’s Salesforce products and best practices, streamlining usage and decluttering storage.

With decades of Enterprise Systems experience, Softlab360 provides our clients with Salesforce roadmap to their business, ensuring that Salesforce remains a key component of their core technology and customer service. Talk to Softlab360 about how we can help you realize the full power of Salesforce.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Review implementation

Categorize Assets

Evaluate Usage

Evaluate Licenses

Validate Business Cases

Derive and recommend best implementation, saving costs

Enterprise Integration

Data evaluations

Data Mapping into Salesforce

Alignment of Workflows with Data Flows

Selection of Integration APi

Application of Mulesoft

Application of O-DATA

Reevaluation of Jitterbit

Enterprise Integration
Migration to Salesforce

Migration to Salesforce

Strong expertise and certifications in the major Salesforce Clouds -  Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Communities and Collaboration

Unify under one platform CRM and Customer Business Management and Operations