FinTech Accounting and Performance

Softlab360 has had a long history in developing system solutions for multi-asset class Portfolio Accounting, Portfolio Reporting and Analytics and Performance Measurement and Attribution.

We have been engaged to develop complete end-to-end solutions, as well as to focus on one or more specific features and integrate them with legacy systems or internal parallel development. Our solutions have encompassed:

  • User Management
  • Account Management
  • Security Master Databases (including insurance, alternatives, crypto, etc.)
  • Corporate Actions Processing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Securities Management
  • Security Lot Management
  • Transactions Maintenance
  • Trade Rule Maintenance
  • Reconciliation

Case Studies:

Advisor360 (A360), is a Wealth Management FinTech spinoff of Commonwealth Financial Network, one of the nation’s leading Wealth Advisory firms. Softlab360 was instrumental in building technology for CFN’s internal operations, and portfolio reporting system. CFN won many industry awards for their systems and has experienced incredible growth since they implemented the platform. In late 2017, they decided to transform their technology platform into a commercial enterprise, Advisor360.  A360 has won contracts with several major financial institutions.

A360 needed to take a sophisticated system that was built for internal usage and turn it into a commercial multi-tenant product while still servicing CFN as a client.

A360 turned to Softlab360 to expand their presence and scale up their service model. A360 chose Softlab360 because of discipline and quality of our engineering teams, and deep knowledge of the Wealth Management and Registered Investment Advisor business. A360 has been our client since 2006.



Albridge Solutions is a SaaS based FinTech Product Company servicing the Portfolio Attribution and Reporting space.  They are the leading service provider in the market, servicing clients like Citigroup and Charles Schwab. 

Following its acquisition by Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company, Albridge engaged Softlab360 to work on the integration of BNY Mellon and Pershing systems and Portfolio Accounts into the Albridge Product Suite. Softlab360 structured this engagement as a productized service, providing an end-to-end solution from a review of Assets under Management across Holdings, to evaluation of Securities Types, to data transformation into Albridge data storage, to full validation of Portfolio Holdings and Reporting from the Albridge system.  Particular focus was placed on validation of data arriving from various Custodial Feeds.  

Softlab360 utilized its own predictive modeling techniques and tools to automatically flag and correct erroneous data. Softlab360's Software Engineering team worked closely with the Chief Product Owner and Director of Software Engineering to deliver the project.

SEI is a global leader in the investment services industry that has a 50-year history of technology innovation. They provide unique, highly focused solutions, designed to help professional wealth managers improve their business success; institutional investors make better financial decisions and private clients achieve their life and wealth goals. Softlab360 was engaged by SEI to design and develop a creative new way to process their Tax Lot calculations.

Driven by strong growth in their US domestic market, SEI needed to develop a more efficient method of processing the daily raised cash/invest cash transactions to adhere to the complicated US tax lot calculation rules. Softlab360 successfully designed, developed, and piloted a predictive analytics-based preprocessor that exceeded all of SEI’s client processing requirements. Shortly thereafter, Softlab360 was engaged to build the production version and to work with the SEI product team to integrate it into the mainstream systems.